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Do you allow visitors? 

Unfortunately, we do not currently offer any visiting hours at VPR. 


How can I volunteer? 

We love having regular volunteers! We ask that our volunteers be based in Rhode Island and commit at least one consistent day a week to volunteering at VPR (2-3 hours a week). We need our volunteers to get to know all our dogs and their little quirks. We also need to ensure that you are comfortable with our procedures and able to handle any issues that may arise. We currently have enough volunteers to meet our rescue's needs, but when we need more, we will link to our application here!


Are your dogs up for adoption? 

Some of the dogs we take in are not up for adoption for numerous reasons. However, when we take in a dog who is not quite ready for retirement or would thrive better in a home where they can get more individualized attention, we will put them up for adoption. To see the dogs that we are currently looking to place and to apply to adopt, please visit the Adopt page of our site. 

The dog I want to adopt is not listed on the adoption application, what should I do? 

If the dog you are interested in adopting is not listed on the adoption application, it's for a reason. The dog may not yet be available for adoption or may have just gotten adopted very quickly. Please DO NOT FILL OUT AN APPLICATION for a dog you aren't actually interested in adopting just so that we "have you on file" or write in the name of another dog somewhere else. If you do, your application will get overlooked in the future and will most likely not be considered.

What is your adoption fee? 

We do not have an adoption fee, though we do encourage anyone who adopts from us to make a donation!

How do I become a foster for Vintage Pet Rescue? 

We are always looking for new short term fosters in the Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut area to take care of a dog temporarily until we find them their forever home. If you're interested in being a foster, you can click here to apply.


I want to donate by check. Do you have a mailing address? 

Thank you! Yes, we do. All checks can be mailed to: 

Vintage Pet Rescue

PO Box 194

Foster, RI 02825


I need to re-home my senior dog. Can Vintage Pet Rescue help? 

Due to the amount of surrender requests we receive, we are usually at capacity. We need to ensure that we are financially and physically able to care for all the dogs at the facility so we cannot take every senior dog who needs a new home. If you need to re-home you or someone you know's senior dog, you can click here to fill out our surrender form. If we are unable to take in your dog, we suggest reaching out to local shelters or rescues that may be able to help and we are happy to share any senior dogs who needs a new home on our social media. 

How can I contact you?

If you have a question that we didn't answer here, feel free to email us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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