Adoption Program

Vintage Pet Rescue is always looking for new forever families to open their homes to senior dogs who either aren't quite yet ready for retirement or would thrive more in a home where they can get more individualized attention.

To date, we have successfully adopted and fostered out over 50 dogs that have been able to live the remainder of their days being spoiled by their forever families!

Not all of our residents are available for adoption, but if you're interested in taking home a Vintage Pet Rescue resident, you can scroll down to check out the dogs we're currently looking to place. Please click below to fill out an application and someone we will reach out to you once you're approved.

Harold, VPR Alumni

Buddy is 13 years old and we think he is completely blind but he gets around really well. He’s 11 lbs and likes to be held. Buddy also rocks a polo shirt like it’s nobody’s business. 

Buddy will bark if another dog starts barking or if he hears you in the room but he can’t find you. But, he’s great when he’s alone - no separation anxiety or barking. 

Overall Buddy is pretty healthy but he does have a slight elevation in one of his kidney levels. This might be due to the fact that he needs a dental. VPR will cover the cost of a dental at the adopter’s vet. 

Buddy would love a home where he can get a lot of love and attention. He’s great with other dogs. He hasn’t met a cat but would probably be absolutely fine. Buddy loves snuggling in a cozy bed and exploring the yard. 


VPR Alumni in their Forever Homes:


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