Vintage Pet Rescue

A Rhode Island based retirement and hospice home for senior dogs.


About Us

Vintage Pet Rescue is a Rhode Island based 501c3 non-profit run by Kristen and Marc Peralta (who met in an animal shelter in Los Angeles in 2013).


Their mutual love for senior dogs is the driving force behind Vintage Pet Rescue and they are committed to rescuing vintage (senior) pets from shelters and assisting owners who can no longer care for their senior pets. Along with their small team of volunteers, Kristen and Marc give these animals love, attention, and medical care for the last months or years of their lives.   

Our Story

Saving Senior Dogs Week 2021

Each year we partner with senior dog rescue organizations from across the United States to present Saving Senior Dogs Week, a national campaign to raise public awareness of the plight of homeless senior dogs all across the United States and the joys of adopting them. It provides dog lovers a resource that is available 24/7 for information about how and where you can adopt a senior dog. The participating rescues welcome your inquiries about senior dogs and about adopting them.

Your support of this cause will help raise much needed funds for senior dog rescues, making it possible for them to continue to carry out their missions. Seventy-five percent of the funds raised during Saving Senior Dogs Week, as well as those donations that come in throughout the year, are divided equally among the participating rescues. Twenty-five percent of the funds go into a grant fund to help new senior dog rescues with medical and other dog care supplies for their rescues.

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